Invest in Sri Lanka!

Profitable investments in well selected Sri Lanka real estate will generate an interest of 12 - 25% after costs for the investor.

Similar to closed property funds

Very similar to the closed property funds of western countries, the investor just invests - while professionals acquire ideal properies, develop and re-sell them for him. It's not a real estate investment trust - it's an individual investment.

Investor gets full ownership

The foreign investor will be the full and sole owner of the property he invests in. No other shareholders!

Beach land - hold and sell

Some plots of beach land or prime locations close to the beach will just be bought very cheap and sold expensive later, without further investment.

Development opportunities

Some lands just crave for being developed. The investor has the choice: sometimes luxury villas are the best option, sometimes cheap cabanas.

Target: 12- 25%

With our insider knowledge you can purchase property below market value. We expect the land to gain at least 12.7 % per year. But our target is to make over 25% yearly - even more in case of development.

Too good to be true?

Yes, you should be careful in Sri Lanka! Nobody will make you presents there, too. But there is a reasonable business model behind our proposal:

1. you can refuse any recommendation to buy

2. no advance payment

3. you pay only for your investment

4. you are the sole owner of your investment

5. you can turn down any recommendation to develop

4. we, the initiators, profit only, when we succeed to sell your investment later with profits



Investment in Sri Lanka properties -
12 -18% profit per year


Definitely the best location for a hotel / resort with up to 40 - 80 units between Bentota and Hikkaduwa.
This ideal location is the best guarantee for your outstanding success.
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Off the noisy main road and a great location for up to three decent villas or a small hotel. Between Bentota and Hikkaduwa.
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Operating hotel - with a lot of potential.
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Investment in Sri Lanka properties - 12 -25% profit per year